Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Monkey Off My Back

I thought I may have gotten myself in trouble.

Tuesday (the 16th) Emily called to schedule the City Code Officer to come out and inspect our property, he said he couldn't come next Monday, so he planned to come the 31st. I called him back and talked to him I wanted him to come this week (I had Friday in mind). I wanted him to come earlier, in case I had to have him come again, I wanted to have time to be in compliance before the fine started on September First. He stated that the fine didn't really start on the 1st, but when he filed the paperwork.

I had a little chat with him about the papers I received containing deceptive and incorrect  information, he said he would look into having that changed (I've said that a time or two myself on the phone—I understand that that is highly unlikely)

Turns out he was going to be out that day and he stated that he would stop by, I asked him to come to the Door and talk to me so I could make sure that I understood his requirements. Oops, he's coming today instead of Friday was all I could think after I hung up.

Turns out he didn't come...but he did this morning, and he told me that he was going to close the case. Just a lot o' bit of stress off my back. Hopefully I didn't exceed the normal limit of water consumption and incur a higher than normal water bill.


  1. I'm just glad we don't have to stress about it anymore!

  2. From the sounds of your previous blogs, sounds like you're not a yard kind-of-guy. Maybe it's time to look into a condo? :-)

  3. No, I'm really much more of a property rights guy; the government really has no business telling me what to do with my property unless it becomes a matter of public safety. My yard doesn't look perfect, but it's not a hazard to the neighborhood either (and no property value argument flies either, my wife is a Realtor and an ugly lawn doesn't affect the neighbor's property value in any way).

    Also, I like to watch my movies as loud as I want with no neighbors to complain (i.e. wall mates), or the most insidious intrusion into personal rights and privacy—the HOA. Why anyone would sign away their rights like that is beyond me.

    It's Unamerican.