Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camping With Goblins

The Goblins are made of rock but I still found myself repeatedly telling some of the Scouts that I'm okay with RP, but I draw the line at LARPing.

We camped outside Goblin Valley state park in the shadow of Temple Mountain.

(Click Images for High Rez)

In the Morning we Broke Camp and headed into the Goblins.

After Lunch we headed to Little Wild Horse Canyon. This is the First time I'd ever been in Narrows—and it was amazing—so amazing in fact that I forgot to take pictures in the narrowest portions. We didn't have time to do the full Wild Horse to Bell Canyon Loop, so we went up an hour and then back down for an hour.

We headed home afterward. What an amazing location.


  1. I've wanted to go here ever since the first time I heard about it years ago. Great pictures. I've only heard & not really seen.

  2. I want to go there someday. Your pictures look really good stitched together, although the very last pic is my favorite!

  3. Those are some amazing pictures. Where is this place exactly is this place? It looks like a fun place to go.

  4. Fun place to visit! I tagged along with Gary and his girls when the went after thanksgiving '07. It was really cool! I wouldn't mind going back and having more time to look around. After visiting the goblins, we just had to watch "Galaxy Quest" when we got back :)