Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Muppet Theory That Everyone Must Read

Generally this is a place where I showcase my thoughts, but this stream of thinking I came across is something everyone should have bouncing around the back of their skull.

First, Read this comic.

Then Read this Blog entry, which I shall Quote here:

From PVP, by Scott R. Kurtz

— February 25th, 2009

Back in December of last year, I wrote a comic strip based on a theory my friend Rob has always held that all Muppets fail at doing what they want to do most. Rob has emailed me with additional data to support his thesis:
“Wait, I was just thinking that Yoda is a Muppet. As with all Muppets, everything he does fails. He talks about how Anakin is troubled, but still lets him become a padawan and a Jedi. He works closely with Palpatine AKA Darth Sideous without ever so much as thinking twice. He’s the general of the so-called Clone Army, which kills all of his Jedi but Obi-Wan. He [messes] up the fight against Sideous.
He doesn’t want to train Luke. Then, when he does want to train Luke, he doesn’t want Luke to leave. If Luke hadn’t left, the whole rebellion could have fallen.
Not until Yoda dies do things go right for the rebellion against the Empire. Yoda’s rise is the rise of the Empire.
Dude is a Muppet through and through.”



  1. Yeah and we just started watching Star Wars 6 in our marathon. So I just watched him die and since it's fresh in my mind I'm really thinking he has a point!