Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traffic I Have Seen

Okay, so this is going to be Unabashed, Blatant, Self Promotion.

I signed up with Google Analytics some time ago—I was curious as to the level of Lurking that was going on.
I don't get a lot of comments on my blogs—which I completely understand. I am a Lurker myself.
Admittedly I only started keeping up with people's blogs when I joined Plaxo, by my brother's invitation.
I liked it so much that I tried to evangelize the site, and I did get a fair number of people to join, what I liked about it, was the fact that once I got everyone to join, I'd never have to visit the site again, as it sends me a weekly update—which is great for Grandma, by the way.

Anyway, my Plaxo evangelism hit a brick wall when it came to my sister—she flat out refused—I even tried a little bartering when it came to her invitation to join Twitter (the offer still stands unanswered). She stated that she liked using her RSS feeds and didn't need another service.

My biggest beef with RSS, was that I had to use some program and it was only setup properly on one computer. Then I discovered Google Reader—I could access all my RSS feeds from any computer. I was still a little annoyed that I had to access the site to get updates and that prompted me to dive into iGoogle—which I'm still annoyed about, it loads slightly slower than standard Google, but I've resigned to it now.

So the following is a list of people whose sites I've lurked on (in no particular order): Emily, Annj, Gary, Ryan, Brad & Anisha, Michael, Niki, Andria, Natalie, Heidi, Katie, Brandon & Tiffany, Brian, P & S, Bonnie, Megan, and Nicole——You Know Who You Are.

I read 99% of the Blog Posts all the way through. I don't comment much though.

So, back to the matter at hand—I was curious as to how many of you out there were Lurking, So I set up Google Analytic.

Thus far (about two months worth of statistics) the Most Hits I've seen in a single day is 15 on this site—which I currently consider my main site.
Also I have one hit from Canada.

On my Web Comic Blog (Which I secretly agonize that no one reads) the most hits recorded in a single day is four—and I've received one hit from Russia.

On my Sketchbook blog (Again, I secretly agonize that no one looks) the most hits recorded in a single day is three—and I've received one hit from Iran.

(I'm starting to think I have a reader masking their true IP address)

I have one more site that I am monitoring. It is a better version of my Web Comic, using Wordpress and the Comic Press Plugin. The most hits registered in a single day is two—and I'm reasonably sure that both of those are me. The site is not quite ready for prime time—and I'm no web page designer, so progress is slow. But if you want to visit it, it's located here. Eventually I'd like to make that my main blog. Funny thing about that blog—there's a Christmas post that kept getting Spammed until I added a little 1337 speak to the Title.

So there you have it: Unabashed, Blatant, Self Promotion—mostly because the hits from Canada, Russia, and Iran were interesting to me.


  1. Did I even know those other blogs existed? No.

    Are they being added to NetNewsWire right now? Yes.

    Is NetNewsWire+NewsGator>Google Reader? Also yes.

  2. I switched to Google reader a couple of months ago. It works for what I need, but yes I read your blog, and most the rest of the family. I'll try to comment more as time permits. I was looking at some stats on my blog the other day, and am seeing lots of hits from around the world too. Kind of crazy to think of all the lives you may affect, one way or another.

  3. That's funny that I said to you last night (before reading this) that it's simply polite to comment on someone's blog if you've read it, unless it's the kind of post that warrants no comment. You are such a lurker!

  4. I'm your viewer from Russia. I like to bounce my ip a little bit before I visit any blogs. who know who could be out there tracking my thoughts (adjusts tinfoil helmet) hope to see you Saturday. that's if the goblin don't get you.