Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Ode to a Commode

As I walked down a street this morn' to work.
My mind engrossed in gaming podcast themes.
A sight before my eyes caused me to smirk.
Before me an unusual sight it Seems.
For in a place reserved for parking cars.
There sat a throne of porcelain, glazed white.
Beneath historic buildings time forgot.
So peaceful under fading morning Stars.
As sun chased dark, replacing her with light.
A prank intends to tempt someone to squat.

Though most would walk on by with naught a thought.
I had to pause and think about the scene.
Without one in our homes we'd not be caught.
Though we don't think of them as very clean.
Without these humble seats how would life be?
Now You may think I joke, but it's no jest.
In winter we don't have to make a trek.
John Harrington I tip my hat to thee.
For re-inventing flushers for The West.
A most under appreciated tech.

My Musings over, I was on my way.
Resumed my walk to work, mind back to games.
The Darkness of the Night it turned to Day.
If you dismiss this tale no one shall blame.
Just don't forget your useful household drain.
It's always there to help in your relief.
No honor has it ever had bestowed.
But life without would be a major pain.
And that's the very theme of my motif.
Behold this is my ode to a commode.


  1. Where's the awesome ode to your wife? You've been hiding your talents!!

  2. Wow- man of many talents. Does make you think though.