Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Interview Down

This interview stuff gets a little easier each time I do it.
I don't know if I'm going to get the job, however, I know that there were lots of applicants. They gave me the impression that they were 4 days behind in their production schedule because of the interviews they've been doing.

When I got into the office there was no one at the receptionist desk. So I looked around at their fine display of products. It was interesting to see that they were the ones that manufactured my Missionary Journal. When the Receptionist showed up she informed me that they were in an interview still, and would be done soon.
So I got to see one of the competition. He wasn't wearing a suit, but he did have a flashy orange tie. A Tie that matched his portfolio case. I didn't have a portfolio, which might be part of why I'm not getting these jobs. I don't really have copies of a lot of the work I've done in print. Fortunately, what I do have, I had already sent to them in a PDF file.
There were two interviewers, the graphic designer (she really didn't say a whole lot) and the boss-man. He was very interested in what I had done at Friberg Fine Art and the interview started out with us just talking shop. He had asked what I did at Friberg and I started explaining that you can't really take a photograph of a painting, or something square, because it won't come out square. So we had to Digitally re-create the Framing. He started talking about how they had, had a similar problem in working on their catalog, and showed me where, and discussed their solutions. I really liked that part of the interview, because it made me sound like I really knew what I was talking about.
He was interested in what I had done at Friberg because of a project they had done for Friberg, and that they were going to be doing again soon; I think we had some rapport going on there, peradventure.
Overall it felt like a good interview.

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  1. A flashy orange tie! Why don't you have a flashy orange tie that matches your portfolio?
    I mean seriously Rich, support me in my craze here!