Friday, June 24, 2005

Waiting. . . and Waiting

This is an absolute joke.
We have been back from lunch for 50 minutes.
And there is no training going on. Apparently a class member had to go and set up a bank account so she could deposit her paycheck. So here we wait. . . this is an absolute joke - we were told people would get pointed for being late (and there are members of the class that are constantly late) x points = temination.

And here we sit.
We would have started class on time, but there was a certain member of class (someone who just isn't grasping the simple computer operations required) that we refused to wait for, because her falling behind in class is bad enough. Her trying to catch up if we got ahead of her would be. . . quite frustrating indeed.

A short time later, our instructor walks out to find her, walks back in, points at the guys and says we have to go an push her car, "out of a ditch."
We walked out and find that she drove off the edge of the blacktop of the parking-lot and high centered her car.
And here we are, no training, but I'm getting payed $60 a day.

Speaking of pay, it's payday. Our instructor, who is currently working 16-20hr days, got shorted in his pay rate AND his hours, and apparently this is the 3rd check in a row. Looks like were using the same HR department that TPUsa did - NOT A GOOD THING. He's talking about quitting and no longer feels that finding another Job is such a bad Idea.

Speaking of which. I interviewed with Supergraphics USA yesterday.
Now My Dad wanted to talk to me before my next interview - so he came over and shared the advice he paid for, with me. Also, Mom and Dad felt that my suit wasn't an interview suit and offered to buy me a suit. So on Wednesday after work Dad and I went to the Men's Wearhouse. I got a great interview suit.

The interviewer was not a good interviewer, he seemed either . . . unsure of how to interview - or overwhelmed by my vast experience. But at the end of the interview he sent some mixed signals. He read from his interviewer cheat sheet a "don't call us, we'll call you" statement. I think he reads it to everyone. . . but he did say that I had all the skills he was looking for. I got the feeling that because of the advertised salary range, he's afraid that I won't be willing to accept the position. It is a little less than what I want, but It's technically better than what I'm getting from Calltech.

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  1. Well my dear, your new suit does look great!
    I know you'll get a better job, just keep plugging along!