Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Batman: finally done right

First time Batman has been done right in the cinematic medium - Batman Begins.
First time Batman has been properly introduced - Generally when the Story Told in Batman Begins has been told in other films it's been glossed over so you can get to the "villian"
The Psycological part of the Batman Mythos is generally skipped.
This movie delved into his guilt, and this movie was the first time you felt for young master Bruce when his parents were gunned down in the alley.
I LOVED that Ras Algul actually made it into a movie - as important he is to the Batman Mythos, he's not very well known by non-Batman afficionados. (until now)
I LOVED how Scarecrow was depicted so Realisticly.


  1. And you went to go see it without me. It's OK, I'll catch it later. I'm sure you'll buy it if we have any moula when it's released on DVD.

  2. Hey tell us about your new job!

  3. I finally saw Batman Begins!!! I loooooved it!